The US government is working on solar geoengineering research


Why is it so controversial?: Geoengineering has long been a taboo subject among scientists, and some believe it should stay that way. There are questions about the potential side effects on the environment and concerns that the effects will be felt unevenly around the world. Some find it too dangerous to ever try or even investigate, arguing that just talking about the possibility could weaken the need to address the root causes of climate change.

But will it continue? Despite concerns, as the threat of climate change mounts and major countries fail to make rapid progress on emissions, more and more experts are seriously exploring the potential effects of these approaches. Read the full story.

—James Temple

The must reads

I’ve scoured the internet to find today’s funniest/important/scary/fascinating stories about technology.

1 The belief that AI lives, refuses to die
People want to believe that the models are conscious, even if their creators deny it. †Reuters
Unsurprisingly, wild religious beliefs find a home in Silicon Valley. †Vox
+ AI systems are being trained twice as fast as last year. †Spectrum IEEE

2 The FBI Has Added The Missing Cryptoqueen To Its Most Wanted List
It is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to Ruja Ignatova, whose crypto scheme defrauded victims of more than $4 billion. †BBC
+ A new documentary on the crypto Ponzi scheme is in the works. †Variety

3 Social media platforms turn a blind eye to unreliable telehealth ads
Which has played a role in the boom in prescription drug abuse. †protocol
+ The doctor will now zoom you. (MIT Technology Review)

4 We are addicted to the Chinese lithium batteries
That is not good news for other countries building electric cars. †wired
+ This battery uses a new anode that lasts 20 times longer than lithium. †Spectrum IEEE
+ Quantum batteries could theoretically allow us to drive a million miles between charges. †The next web

5 Far-right extremists communicate via radio to avoid detection
Making it more difficult to monitor them and their violent activities. †Slate
+ Many of the rioters who stormed the Capitol had radio equipment with them. †the guard

6 Bro culture has no place in space
So says the former deputy director of NASA, who is tired of the misogyny in the sector. †CNN

7 A US Crypto Exchange Is Gaining Ground In Venezuela
It helps its growing community fight hyperinflation, but isn’t as decentralized as they think it is. †Rest of the world
+ The vast majority of NFT players will be gone in ten years. †Vox
+ Exchange Coinbase partners with ICE to track and identify crypto users. †The Interception
+ If RadioShack’s edgy tweets shock you, remember that it is now a crypto company. †NY Mag

8 It’s Time We Learned To Love Our Swamps
Draining them prevents them from absorbing CO2 and filtering out our waste. †New Yorker
+ The architect who befriends flooding. (MIT Technology Review)

9 Robots Love Drawing Too 🖍️
But I bet they don’t get as frustrated as we do when they screw up. †Input

10 The Risky World Of Teen Brain
Making potentially dangerous decisions is an important part of adolescence, and our brains reflect that. †Known magazine

Quote of the day

“They are blatantly celebrating an all-inclusive pool party when we can’t even pay our rent!”