issues for launching CO2 removal and bid for spyware in the US


Running Tide, an aquaculture company based in Portland, Maine, has said it expected tens of thousands of small floating kelp farms adrift in the North Atlantic between this summer and next. The hope is that the fast-growing macroalgae will eventually sink to the ocean floor, storing thousands of tons of carbon dioxide in the process.

The company has raised millions in venture capital and won widely distributed media attention, and it counts big names like the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative among its clients. But Running Tide struggled to grow kelp along rope lines in the open ocean during its first attempts last year and has lost a string of scientists in recent months, knowledgeable sources tell the MIT Technology Review.

At least some of the departures were due in part to concerns that the company’s executives were not paying due attention to the potential environmental impacts of its plans. Some workers were also concerned that Running Tide discussed more controversial practices, including adding nutrients to the ocean to encourage macroalgae growth. Read the full story.

—James Temple

The must reads

I’ve scoured the internet to find the funniest/important/scary/fascinating stories about technology today.

1 A US Defense Company Considers Buying Pegasus Spyware
It is possible that a spy tool is so powerful that it is considered a weapon in American hands. †FT
+ NSO was about to sell hacking tools to France. Now it’s crisis. (MIT Technology Review)

2 cars with autopilot systems crashed hundreds of times
It raises serious questions about the security of such systems and our reliance on them. †WP
+ The big new idea of ​​making self-driving cars that can go anywhere. (MIT Technology Review)
+ Elon Musk thinks Tesla would be worth “basically zero” without its self-driving technology. †Insider

3 Inside the ugly culture war of crypto
Workers allege that the boss of major crypto exchange Kraken has fostered a toxic work atmosphere. †NYT
+ The future of lending platform Celsius does not look bright. †Bloomberg
+ Crypto is weathering a bitter storm. Some still hold on for precious life. (MIT Technology Review)

4 The Long Wait For Fast Internet In Rural America Doesn’t Appear To Be Abandoning
Despite the government putting billions of dollars into upgrades. †WSJ

5 Chinese radio telescope caught a mysterious signal
Which, while fascinating, probably aren’t aliens. †The conversation
+ For example, factories could work in space. †Quartz

6 Ukraine’s Internet Is Redirected To Russia
Thus, it subjects its traffic to the country’s censorship regime. †wired
+ The US wants to know how its electronics ended up in Russian military equipment. †WP

7 The internet spawned a new way of working for the middle class
However, making a lot of money is still reserved for the few. †New Yorker
+ Why TikTok is undoing all of MTV’s hard work. †The Atlantic Ocean

8 How eBay Shaped the Modern Internet
And became one of our very first platforms in the process. †the guard

9 Why Your Baby’s Name Isn’t As Unique As You Think
We are all more influenced by our cultural environment than we realize. †Motherboard

10 The Memefication Of Catholicism Is In Full Progress
However, that does not mean that more people are going to church. †Vox

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