How to Send an eCard on Gmail [500+ Templates]


This tutorial will learn how to send an eCard on Gmail. Using the method explained in this article, you will create eCards for various occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, and many others. To create eCards on Gmail, we will use a free Chrome Extension named Free Gmail eCards by cloudHQ. This Chrome Extension offers 500+ templates that you can use to effortlessly create eCards and share with your peers and loved ones.

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On the Internet, electronic ways of meeting and greeting aren’t uncommon. Replacing our greeting cards for special occasions are the eCards, which are starting to be the interest of families, young and the old. Before we move ahead and see how to send an eCard on Gmail, did you know that

Quenching the interest of these folks, several websites provide ways to create the e-cards, but the process at times is lengthy and cumbersome. It needs you to register/ signup, activate your account and then make your eCards after that.

How to Send an ECard on Gmail

Using this extension on the browser, the Google user, who has signed in, can select the template, add the recipient(s) to the greeting, and mail it to them via Gmail. It is good to know and witness that it would add no watermark to the eCard that you choose and design in this way.

This gets interesting. Now let’s go through how to send an eCard on Gmail using this extension and leverage all the above features.

Step 1: Sign in on Google Chrome using your Gmail account information.

Step 2: Install the ‘Free Gmail cards by CloudHQ’ extension by clicking the link to the extension here.

Step 3: Now, open your Gmail inbox and click on the Compose button to write a new email.

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Step 4: On the New Message dialog, you will see a ‘Browse eCards’ icon beside the’ Send’ button. You may also note that this icon has started to appear on the top right corner of your Gmail window as well.

browse ecards on gmail

Step 5: Click on this button, and it opens an array of eCard templates along with a search option. You may either manually go through the category of templates (grouped based on events /occasions) or enter a search term to lookup for an eCard as per your need, e.g.: ‘Mother’s Day.’

choose an ecard to send on gmail

Step 6: Under each eCard template, you will see an option that says, ‘Use eCard’ and another option to mark the eCard as ‘Starred.’ ‘Starred’ eCards become quickly available for your use in the Browse eCards feature whenever you are composing an eCard email message. The recently used eCards get displayed along with Starred ones too.

sending ecards on gmail

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Step 7: Select an eCard template of your choice, and you notice that it gets added to the body of the email message

Step 8: You can use the already available text or edit it with your personalized message.

Step 9: Once you have made the desired text changes, add the recipients to whom you want to send this card and click on the ‘Send’ button to dispatch your personalized eCard over Gmail.

Here’s how the eCard will appear to your sender (depends upon the template you choose).

recieved ecards on gmail

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Additional features of Free Gmail cards by CloudHQ

  • Templates that suit every occasion possible, from birthdays to anniversaries, from holidays to every seasonal wish, from wishing success to get well soon cards, etc.
  • Pre-added texts that are available by default according to the occasion
  • Editing of the text is possible to convert them to personalized eCards carrying the message of your choice
  • Backgrounds of the eCard can be still images or animated according to the template’s provisions


This tutorial will learn how to send an eCard on Gmail using a free Chrome Extension. The best part is that it offers more than 500 different templates for different occasions such as birthdays, festivals, and many more. So from now on, you don’t have to use any other websites to send eCards to your peers, friends, and family members.