How to Map Keyboard to Controller on Windows and macOS


Are you been trying to map the keyboard to the controller and checking out the workable solutions? If yes, you will be able to get detailed information to get things done on any operating system.

It is noticed that the games compatible to work with controllers do not need any setup. The users are free to connect the controller to their personal computers. This process will proceed to detect the game automatically.

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Many games are preconfigured to perform with an Xbox controller in the Windows operating system. At the same time, it has been observed that many computers and Mac games have poor support for game controllers.

The individuals can eliminate this limitation by remapping the controller buttons to keyboard key presses. The users who are willing to learn about mapping a keyboard to a controller can pursue the following steps to achieve the goal.

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Connection establishment with Controller

One of the mandatory steps is to connect the system with your controller. In contrast, it is seen that this is one of the challenging tasks to work it appropriately in the case of macOS. The users facing similar issues with the mainstream controllers can go through the detailed, comprehensive guide below.

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How to check connection establishment in Windows?

how to map keyboard to controller

Try to make sure that the controller is connected correctly. By opening the “Devices” tab available in Window’s settings, you can examine this. Once you click on settings, then choose the devices option.

There you will be able to see the Bluetooth & other devices option. Under the other devices option, you will be able to check the connection is established appropriately or not.

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How to check connection establishment in MacOS?

In macOS, you need to open the “System Information” app. At this moment, you will be able to find the USB controllers option under the USB tab. There will be an option in the top menu bar that displays the Bluetooth menu under the Bluetooth controllers. Looking out for open-source solutions – use AntiMicroX.

The users who are willing to use an open-source application compatible with Windows and Linux can use AntiMicro, a freeware tool. Search for the Github official website and then download the latest version.

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Till the moment, the controller is connected with your machine correctly. You will be able to see the screen with all the sticks and buttons correctly. The individuals can proceed with clicking to set a mapping to keyboard keys or mouse.

Suppose you face trouble, like which button is pressed during the process. Then, don’t worry, as once you press the button on your controller. In AntiMicro, that respective button will lighten up.

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How to Map a Joystick to WASD?

Mapping the joystick to WASD or any arrow keys will change the phenomenon from analog to digital input. This complete process can be less responsive, while the users can configure the dead zones and similar settings by just hitting the L Stick button available in the middle.

Do you know the joysticks work wonderfully when mapped with the mouse? This technique can provide analog control back for the users. Also, you can look into some advanced options available in the settings—for example, macro support and profile switching. I hope you know now that AntiMicro is good to work with remapping the controller to keyboard keys.

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Looking for an alternative to AntiMicro – mapping keyboard to the controller in macOS

The macOS users can utilize the Enjoyable app as an alternative to AntiMicro. This application is simple to understand as well as work with. This application is compatible with multiple profiles, working with a mouse, switching profiles with buttons, etc.

You can face some problems mapping the joystick because it contributes to switching between multiple axes. But after trying a little more complicated and eliminating some trial and error, you will get the appropriate result.

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Thus, for the users who need to understand the mapping keyboard to the controller in the case of macOS. They can follow the below steps:

1. Try to run the Enjoyable application.

2. Now, you need to hit a button on your controller. Then follow the same on your keyboard by pressing a key on the keyboard.

3. Repeat the above step for the buttons you are willing to map.

4. Once the above process gets completed, you need to click on the run button. The users can see the (“>”) symbol available in the top right corner.

In this process, one point to note is that you must stick to opening the window until you are working with your controller because there is no such a symbol on the Mac OS system menu bar.

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Wrapping Up

The above guide helps you understand How to map the keyboard to the controller effortlessly without any trouble. Without wasting a single second, try to pursue the same and enjoy mapping keyboard to controller.