How to Disable Weather Widget on Windows 11 Taskbar (2022)


With the recent Windows 11 Insider build 22518, Microsoft has introduced a few new changes such as Spotlight desktop backgrounds and a new accessibility feature called Speech Access, just to name a few. In addition, the Redmond giant has also modified access to widgets. In the future, you’ll see a weather icon on the taskbar, similar to Windows 10’s News & Interests widget. However, the implementation is intrusive, and the widget page activates automatically when you hover over the weather icon. If you’re not interested in checking the weather right from the taskbar or just want to get rid of the annoyance, here’s how to disable the weather widget on Windows 11.

As mentioned above, the new taskbar weather widget icon is only available on the latest Windows Insider build 22518. But we’ve also added steps to force-enable the feature on the stable build as it’s still A/B testing . You can get a feel for the feature prior to its official release and bookmark this resource to disable the new weather widget once it rolls out with the next Windows 11 update.

Force Enable Taskbar Weather Widget on Windows 11

1. Since the new weather widget is not yet available to everyone, you can use Albacore’s ViveTool to manually enable the feature. To get started, download the latest ViveTool release from GitHub

2. Once you have downloaded the ZIP file, right click on it in the file explorer and choose the “Extract All” option.

3. Then click the “Browse” button to change the destination folder.

4. From the file selector interface, go to Windows -> System32 and choose “Select Folder”.

5. After choosing the path, click “Extract” to move the contents to the destination folder.

6. Now that you have set up ViveTool, press the Windows key once, type “cmd” and click “Run as administrator” in the right pane to run Command Prompt with administrator privileges.

7. In the Command Prompt window, paste the following commands individually and wait for the confirmation message. After running all the commands, restart your Windows 11 PC.

vivetool addconfig 36553793 2 vivetool addconfig 36226456 2 vivetool addconfig 36226054 2 vivetool addconfig 34301415 2

8. One last step to do is to update the Windows web experience pack. To do this, open the Microsoft Store, go to the “Library” section and click the “Update” button. If you don’t see the update, you can install Winget and use the command below to manually update the package.

Winget Upgrade 9MSSGKG348SP

9. Once you’ve centered the taskbar, you’ll see the weather widget in the lower-left corner. If you moved taskbar icons to the left, the new weather icon replaces the existing widget icon in the center.

Disable Windows 11 Weather Widgets from the taskbar settings

1. Right-click anywhere on the taskbar and choose “Taskbar Settings”.

2. On the Taskbar Settings page, turn off the “Widgets” switch, and that’s it. You will no longer see the weather widget on the Windows 11 taskbar.

Remove Windows 11 Weather Widget with Windows Settings

1. Another way to remove the weather widget is through the Settings app. Open the Settings app using the Windows 11 keyboard shortcut “Win + I” and navigate to Personalization -> Taskbar.

2. You can now disable the widgets switch to get rid of Windows 11 widgets.

Remove Windows 11 Weather Widget with Winget

1. If you prefer to remove widgets, you can also do that by removing the Windows web experience pack. First press the Win key, type “cmd” and run the command prompt as administrator.

2. Then run the command below and press Enter to remove the Windows Web Experience Pack from your Windows 11 PC. If you want to reinstall widgets later, you can download the package again from the Microsoft Store

winget remove “windows web experience pack”

While the weather widget is useful, it would have been nice to only see the weather when you click or hover over the widget icon, as opposed to the full widget screen. We hope Microsoft changes the triggering behavior ahead of the wider release in the stable channel. Meanwhile, you can check out our linked guides to customize Windows 11 taskbar and customize Windows 11 start menu.