Google is improving its password management to improve security across all platforms


Google has a slew of improvements to its Thursday password manager service focused on creating a more consistent look and feel across platforms.

Central to the changes is a “simplified and unified management experience that is the same across Chrome and Android settings,” said Ali Sarraf, Google Chrome product manager. said in a blog post.

The updates are also expected to automatically group multiple passwords for the same sites and introduce an option to manually add passwords. While Google doesn’t seem ready to make Password Manager a standalone app just yet, Android users can now add a shortcut to it on the home screen.

In a related change on iOS, users should choose Chrome as the default autofill providerPassword Manager now offers the ability to generate unique, strong passwords.

The built-in password checking feature on Android is also getting its own upgrade. In addition to checking for hacked credentials, it can also detect weak and reused passwords à la . to emphasize Apple iOS† Google is also extending the compromised password warnings to Chrome users across all operating systems.

Last but not least, Google is bringing a new “Touch-to-Login” to Chrome on Android that allows users to sign in to websites with a single tap after entering the credentials with autofill. It’s worth noting that Apple has implemented a similar feature in Safari with iOS 12.2