Free Tumblr Video Downloader Firefox Addon


Here you will find a free Firefox addon to download Tumblr videos. By using this Firefox extension, you will get the option to download videos on Tumblr. So, if you usually download many videos from Tumblr, this free addon will come in handy.

It is a well-known fact that Tumblr, a social media platform, utilizes many media within it – media that ranges from GIFs to static images, from videos to blogs. The availability of such rich media has been a factor that keeps the Tumblr subscribers entirely engaged for longer hours on their platform.

The drawback that Tumblr users have universally shared is that there is no option to save videos of their choice. They expect the flexibility of right-clicking on a preferred video and saving it to their local laptop or desktop. Users have come across some free options or tools in the past offered by third-party websites – but their usage has been cumbersome and questionable.

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Disadvantages of using third-party tools or websites

Most third-party tools and websites infuse the fear of being hacked or compromised. This is quite prevalent among the users. Specific video grabbers are being suggested by many websites alternatively.

The problem with the grabber tools is the double or triple step process involved. Starting with getting the video URL from Tumblr, pasting them in the grabber toolbox, and then downloading/saving to PC – the entire process causes frustration.

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Free Tumblr Video Downloader Firefox Addon

free tumblr video downloader firefox addon

There is good news for Firefox browser users who are active on Tumblr, that the browser can help them mitigate the situation of not being able to save videos. Firefox browser offers an addon called the Tumblr Video Downloader for the interested users to add it to their browsers.

Using this extension on the Mozilla Firefox browser, you can promptly save the videos to your local desktop and laptop. You can achieve this by browsing the Tumblr website even as a guest user.

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How to Download Tumblr Videos using this Firefox Addon

Follow these simple steps to download Tumblr videos using this free Firefox extension.

1. Download and install this Tumblr video downloader Firefox extension using the link at the end of this tutorial.

2. On addon completion, the Tumblr icon ‘t’ appears on the browser’s address bar, towards the right side.

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3. When you navigate the Tumblr website to visit a page with videos, hovering on the video will bring up a ‘Download this video’ option. Click on this option for a video that you wish to save to your laptop/ desktop.

4. You will witness the option now indicating that the video is being downloaded and saved to your system.

Wrapping Up

Hasn’t the process now simplified with official and free addons provided by Mozilla Firefox itself? The process is entirely user-friendly, and there is no third-party intervention.

Whether you are a signed-in user of Tumblr or a guest, the video download and save works seamlessly without complex configurations or settings; besides this, there are preview video options, volume control settings using sliders, and remembering the last volume adjustments for the Tumblr videos. If you are interested in using this addon, you can find it here.