7 Best Free Online Address Book Websites


Here we have compiled a list of the 7 best free online address book websites. Using these websites, you can easily manage your contacts. The best part is that some of these online address book websites also let you share a link with which you can collect the addresses of people.

Managing the contact details of your clients and customers is essential. Traditionally people used to write down the details in the dairy. Today these details are collected on the cell phone contact list. But you have a lot of restrictions on the cell phone contact list as all information cannot be saved and shared. These websites are helpful as they allow you to manage all contact details in one place.

online address book websites

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7 Best Free Online Address Book Websites

You can also import and export contacts to and from your friends and clients. The best advantage is that most websites will also support vCard and CSV formats.

Let’s explore these free online address book websites.

1. Google Contacts

Google Contacts need no introduction. You are probably already using this website. The site will allow users to manage and store all contact details and email ids. You may need to sign in using your Google ID to use this service.

The best part is that it also supports import and export contact details. You are also allowed to take a complete printout of your contact details and manage it in a file.

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2. Outlook People

Outlook People is a free online address book. The application is very much similar to Google contacts. The application can easily be accessed by anyone using their Outlook log-in ID. The best advantage of Outlook People is that you can save as you wish to. It also supports CSV formats.

The contacts are directly added to your device file. You can export and import contact details. It also allows you to restore the contact details quickly.

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3. Mailbook

If you are looking for a reliable address book online, Mailbook is the best option. You can create your personalized address book. You are free to make choices from the drop-down category box.

The address book will also forward you a link to share with others. You can use the link for importing and exporting the contact details. The link will be delivered automatically to your inbox when you get registered.

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4. Postable

Postable is free. It is available online. It is one of the best address book websites. This means that you can use postable to create and manage your contact details and address book in one place. The service is only available for users who are registered.

So to use Postable, you have to create your unique ID. This is used for using your account. The link is used for sharing and retrieving the address book. You can easily update all your client’s contact details and mail Ids on the address book. It can be stored in digital format or as a hard copy.

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5. Yandex Mail

Yandex is a lot more than an easy-to-use online address book. It offers users a unique feature to store addresses in the cloud storage space. This means that the website will store all contact information online so you can access it at any time.

You can retrieve the information using a unique link or manually. You can also add new contact details to the existing ones manually.

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6. Uptothesky

If you are not interested in a complex address book online, you can go with the Uptothesky address book. This can be your personalized address book. It will manage all information, including countdowns, dates, dairy details, and names.

You may have to log in using your Sky account to use this website. If you are already managing the contact file on any one of the devices you use, you can import all details as a contact file. The website will allow users to make use of the critical contact option.

You can upload CSV file format as well. You have to upload the file to the website. The services are available free of cost.

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7. Rolosync

Rolosync is one of the address book websites that will allow you to share your contact details with others. Users can also create new address cards. You can keep updating the existing address book with new contact details.

Users can edit and view all details at their will. You can also send the invitation link via email ID.

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Final Words

You explored the 7 best free online address book websites in this blog. You can use any of these websites to efficiently manage your contacts’ addresses. My favorite websites from the list are Google Contacts and Outlook People. Please let us know which website you liked the most in the comments section below.