Developing an App to Have a Smart Garden


Are you fond of gardening and now looking for modern ways to maintain the home garden? SMART gardening is the concept that has surfaced in the modern tech world intuitively. It simply means the use of technology for gardening in your home.

With the help of a SMART garden app, you’ll be monitoring the humidity or sunlight required for plants to flourish. Take the help of modern-day tech developers to get access to smart apps that will assist in the proper monitoring of gardens.

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It is impossible to think of a person without a mobile phone or a cell nowadays. People in the remotest areas use intelligent devices to stay connected to the world, and mobile phones play a critical role!

smart garden app development

Take the help of experts to develop an app that integrates with the hardware & sensors to provide seamless management of indoor gardens. Take care of the plant management features with the help of an app, and thus it provides the facility of smart gardening from the different rooms at your home.

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There are multiple features of the SMART garden apps, and the primary purpose is to check the temperature, lighting, and humidity indicators. It is also easy to water the plants using the mobile app or schedule the time fitted for the type of plant.

Reach out to a developer who can develop SMART garden apps for you & also maintain the right way! The blog tries to provide a simple understanding of the architecture & development of SMART garden apps.

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What is a Smart Garden and How to Get Started With an App?

A SMART garden is referred to as a garden that grows indoors with the help of technology. It uses artificial light for the production of different kinds of plants. You can create a SMART garden app for the garden to ensure excellent care of the plants.

There are multiple uses of an app, and the best thing about mobile app development is that you can get the specific features required for your garden. It can be a platform to sell your gardening products and promote the indoor innovative garden business.

The first thing to start in an app development process is to develop an idea. Think about the problems or issues faced in indoor SMART gardens and how to solve them through an app.

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Conduct some market research to check the demand for such apps or look into the models of similar apps used in the circuit. Take the help of a SMART garden app developer to list the necessary features as per the app design.

You can check the garden’s temperature, lighting, and humidity through the apps. Set up the schedules easily for watering the plants and thus also control the illumination inside the smart planting box.

Maintain your SMART garden effectively with the help of an app. Contact reputed app developers who can provide you with the best deal on developing & maintaining new-day apps.

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Detailed Analysis of Components of Smart Garden Architecture

The specific SMART garden apps are meant to take care of gardens through the management of CNC machines & plant-care sensors. With the help of suitable apps, it is possible to optimize the specific role of controlling the actuators to move the arm and trigger the fertilizer mechanism.

The basic architecture of the SMART garden is composed of different components like –

  • Multiple devices that are powered by solid micro-controllers & microprocessors.
  • Android Things’ hub’ is used for connecting the garden care devices to the cloud.
  • The cloud server environment around the App Engine Flexible Environment. It is helpful in the processing of cameras & sensors and thus assists in determining the necessary changes to the plant-care.
  • Machine learning implementation is needed to be developed around the TensorFlow model to analyze the camera image. It is also a mechanism to ensure superior plant-care instructions.
  • Use of clients in the monitoring & control of the SMART garden responses &and behavior.

The Android Thing’ hub’ is one of the powerful tools designed to connect devices with the help of APIs & development tools. It functions as the hub that serves as single-point-of-contact for garden devices and cloud-based services.

It was developed in line with the maintenance of garden functions to help collect & aggregate the readings available for sensors & cameras.

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The SMART Garden App Development Process

As the demand for SMART gardens increases, there will be a massive demand for intelligent mobile app developers. The technology or interface to the development of the application can differ. The effective app development process can be divided into six crucial phases, and let us discuss them briefly below.

Strategy – It is the initial phase of the mobile app development procedure, and it helps to evolve ideas related to SMART garden apps.

Planning & Analysis – It is the second phase in the process where the ideas start taking shape and turns into an actual project.

UI/UX Design – The purpose of the phase is to design a seamless mobile app that can deliver effortless user experiences with a different look. It is the process that includes the development of prototypes to get the best designs for apps.

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App Development – It is an integral part of the mobile app development process, and it includes defining the architecture, picking up the technology stack, and defining the development milestones.

Testing – It is the step in which the developer checks all the app’s features and analyzes the response. The step assists in eliminating loopholes in the application and developing suitable products.

Deployment and Support – The final step involves the release of the mobile app to the relevant mobile app stores, Google Play for Android and Apple App Store for IOS.

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Final Thoughts

Develop a suitable Android or iOS SMART Garden app that allows the users to observe the plant-care setting for the garden. The SMART garden apps will ease your duties or responsibilities to maintain the indoor plans flawlessly.

Developers can use the Firebase Real-time database to store the plant care settings and update the changes accordingly. Take the help of professional SMART garden app developers to get a suitable application to take care of the indoor plants.