Bluetooth Driver Disappeared Windows 10 | Easy Methods to Fix It


This tutorial will find 5 easy methods to fix Bluetooth driver issues in your PC. Unless you are new to computers, you know what Bluetooth is. The short-range wireless technology is instrumental if you wish to connect fixed and mobile devices to share data over a short distance. While using Bluetooth, data transmission occurs using radio signals instead of wires and cables.

To transfer data using Bluetooth, you require a Bluetooth Driver. This software program helps your operating system to communicate with another device using Bluetooth and vice versa. Though you can work without Bluetooth, that would require you to connect with the device either through wires or a pen drive.

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Why is a Bluetooth Driver essential?

Considering that you can do your work even without Bluetooth, why is there such importance bestowed over Bluetooth Driver? The reason is that some accessories such as Bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones, wireless keyboards, game controllers, etc., can be used more efficiently with the help of a Bluetooth Driver. With a Bluetooth Driver, you can get a printout quickly from the remote printer via Bluetooth.

Moreover, one of the other reasons Bluetooth is popular is that it does not consume too much power. Thanks to the Bluetooth Driver, several electronic devices like cell phones, headphones, keyboards, etc., can connect to share information. With a Bluetooth Driver, your operating system can interact with various devices, making it easy to do your work.

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What to do if the Bluetooth driver disappeared from Windows 10?

bluetooth driver disappeared windows 10

If you are accustomed to using Bluetooth to connect to various devices or transfer data using them, then having the Bluetooth driver disappear from Windows 10 is a nightmare. At the same time, many people may keep the Bluetooth on their device perpetually in the ON position. This may help them to connect with various devices easily.

However, if, for security reasons, you keep the Bluetooth OFF, then the Bluetooth driver disappeared Windows 10 can cause a massive problem for you. The Bluetooth Driver missing issue can be due to various reasons. The accidental deletion of the driver could cause it; the Bluetooth Driver was never installed or corrupted. Irrespective of the underlying cause, there is no denying that it can cause immense discomfort to you.

When the Bluetooth Driver is missing, you will not be able to identify or pair with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. The options available to you, in this case, are limited. You can either troubleshoot the problem or reinstall the driver. However, before you go ahead with either, ensure that the Bluetooth device is not listed under hidden devices in the Device Manager.

If you cannot find it here, another option is to check under installed programs (especially if you have reinstalled the software). However, if these techniques do not work, you can do for the Bluetooth driver disappeared Windows 10 problem.

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Method 1 – Show Hidden devices

Click on the Control Panel to go to Device Manager (or opt for Windows search for Device Manager). Select the View Option on Device Manager and choose Show Hidden Devices. The Bluetooth option may be hidden there.

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Method 2 – Rebooting and Updating OS

To fix the Bluetooth driver missing problem, you can click on the Windows icon and open settings. Click on the Update and Security option here. This will help you update the Operating System. Click on the Download button to check if any updates are available. If no updates are available, you can reboot the PC to check for missing Bluetooth Driver.

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Method 3 – Run Hardware & Device Troubleshooting

Type troubleshooting to search and open the Troubleshooting option. Under the Find and fix other problems, select the Bluetooth option. Follow the instructions provided and test if the Bluetooth toggle is back or not.

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Method 4 – System File Checker and DISM Scan

If the Bluetooth driver has been corrupted, SFC can help search for it and repair it. If the Bluetooth files are corrupted, you can fix them by opening the Command prompt. Type the DSIM command in the prompt box and press Enter. Use the CheckHealth option for checking for any corrupt files, the ScanHealth option for checking any health fails, and RestoreHealth for restoring corrupt files.

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Method 5 – Start the Bluetooth Service and set it to Automatic

Press Windows + R keys on the keyboard. Type services.msc and press OK. Find Bluetooth Support Service and right-click on it to select Properties. Under the General tab, you can set the startup type as Automatic.

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Method 6 – Un-install and reinstall the latest Bluetooth Driver

For this technique, open Device Manager and navigate to the Bluetooth Driver. Right-click on it to Uninstall the driver and restart the system. After the restart, the Bluetooth Driver is uninstalled. In Windows 10, the uninstalled Bluetooth Driver is automatically installed after the reboot.

Wrapping Up

We understand that a missing Bluetooth Driver can be a big issue. Not only does it throw things haywire, but a lot of time is spent searching for a solution. Hopefully, you can quickly get rid of your Bluetooth driver’s disappeared Windows 10 problem with these solutions.