7 Best Free Open Source Webcam Software For Windows


This article has compiled a list of the best open-source webcam software for Windows, which are free. Like other open-source software, you can access and edit the source codes of these webcam software because they are open source.

In terms of functionality, they are similar to other mainstream webcam applications. You can change various webcam feed parameters in most of these software before starting the recording and snapshot capturing operation.

These webcam software also allows you to tweak video compression, color space, webcam feed resolution, brightness, and contrast. You may also change specific audio parameters to record a consistent voice with the video stream.

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7 Best Free Open Source Webcam Software for Windows

best free open source webcam software

You can also change the output video parameters such as video format, video resolution, frame rate, video codec, etc. A few of these software also includes an inbuilt video editor that allows you to apply filters to recordings, cut recordings, edit individual frames of video, and apply transition effects.

Besides, these software also provides additional features such as plugin support, chroma-key, motion detection, and more. Have a look at the list to learn more about these free, open-source webcam software.

1. ScreenToGif

ScreenToGif was created primarily to make animated GIF files from screen recordings. You can also use it to capture webcam feeds and save them in animated GIF, APNG, and AVI formats. It also comes with an internal video editor that allows you to edit webcam recordings.

Key Features:

  • Webcam: From this section, you can access and record the webcam feed. Besides, you can also change recording parameters such as frame rate and video size before starting the webcam feed recording.
  • Recorder: It helps you to record the whole screen or a section of it. It also offers options for changing recording parameters such as recording resolution and frame rates.
  • Editor: It comes with various video editing features, including the ability to cut video, edit individual frames of video, apply effects to the video, apply transition effects to the video, crop video, resize video, and more.
  • Board: This section provides a whiteboard to write and draw, allowing you to build and document tutorials.

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2. Dorgem

Dorgem is a dedicated webcam capture utility for recording and taking screenshots of the webcam stream. It can also be linked to a web server and used as a remote webcam recording and transmission program.

Key Features:

  • Camera Selection: This section can choose the webcam feed source unit, feed resolution, and feed compression type. You may also adjust source feed parameters, including brightness, saturation sharpness, gamma, zoom ratio, and so on.
  • AVI: This software, by default, only takes a snapshot of the webcam feed. To allow the AVI video recording, you have to enable the ‘Use AVI archive’ feature by going to the Options > AVI tab.
  • Capture: You can use it to start the webcam recording as well as to take snapshots.
  • Motion Detection: If it senses motion, it will automatically start recording the webcam.
  • Caption: This feature allows you to manually add a caption to the camera feed in the Text and BMP image file formats.

3. Webcamoid

Webcamoid is one of the best free open source software, as it allows you to record webcam feeds with audio while also taking snapshots. It also allows you to customize the webcam feed and output video parameters to meet your specific requirements. It also includes several video effects that you can add to the feed while it’s being recorded.

Let’s take a look at some of its features.

Key Features:

  • Configure Sources: From this section, you can opt to capture/record the webcam feed or the screen feed. After that, you can change video format (YUY2 and MJPG), video resolution, FPS, Brightness, Saturation, Gamma, Zoom, Video Tilt Angle, and other cameras/screen feeds parameters.
  • Record Video: Using this, you can start and stop the webcam or screen feed recording. You may also define the output file format, video codec, and video bitrate using the various video recording adjustment features.
  • Take a Photo: This feature lets you capture a still picture from both webcam and screen feeds. It also has a handy use flash feature that illuminates the screen to produce a flash effect.
  • Configure Effects: You can add various video effects to the live webcam and screen feed using this section. ASCII Art, Aging, Blur, Broken TV, Animation, and Cinema are some of the effects available.

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4. CamDesk

CamDesk is the next generation of free open source webcam software for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It was designed primarily for home surveillance, allowing you to monitor and view your home and its surroundings. You may use it to view live pictures from a remote venue, such as your home or office, by integrating it with additional streaming services. You can also use it to record and capture the webcam feed locally.

Let’s take a look at its key features.

Key Features:

  • Record: Use it to start or stop the recording of the webcam video feed. You can change the video quality (SD and HD), opacity range, and resolution using the Preferences options before starting the recording. The captured video is saved in the AVI video format.
  • Snapshot: As the name implies, it captures a still image from the webcam feed.
  • Chroma Key: This feature allows you to change the webcam feed’s background color.

5. ScreenFaceCam

ScreenFaceCam is another free, open-source webcam software for Windows. Using this, you can record both the webcam feed and the screen at the same time. Depending on your requirements, you can switch the webcam feed to any of the four corners of the video.

It does not, however, allow you to adjust the webcam and screen feed areas. Another useful function of this webcam software is that it records audio along with the webcam feed. Now, let’s take a look at the key features of this free webcam software.

Key features:

  • Start and Stop button: This button allows you to start and stop the webcam and screen feed recording. Before starting the recording, you can change the Video Resolution and Video Quality (highest, high, medium, and lowest) from the Recording Size and Area tab. This software will save the video in WMV format as soon as you finish recording.
  • Cam and Mic: Through this tab, you can configure the audio system and disable the webcam if you want to record the screen feed.
  • Options and Preview: Before starting the recording process, you can specify the webcam location (top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right) and preview the screen and webcam feed from here.

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6. UniCam

UniCam is Java-based free open source webcam software, so you can use it on any operating system that supports Java. It’s simple webcam software that allows you to display and take screenshots of the webcam stream. It does not, however, will enable you to record the webcam feed. Let’s take a look at the software’s essential features.

Key Features:

  • Snapshot: This feature lets you take a screenshot of the webcam feed. You can use the Preferences section to manually set a custom webcam feed resolution to change the snapshot resolution and quality. The snapshot is saved in the PNG image format.
  • Mirror: This mode transforms the webcam into a virtual mirror, allowing you to take a glimpse of the webcam feed.
  • Detect Resolution: This function defines the proper camera resolution and changes the webcam feed accordingly.

7. VirtualDub

VirtualDub is a free video capture and editing application that also serves as an open-source webcam. You can use it to record and edit webcam, screen, and video file emulation streams. The best part is that you can also use the webcam and video emulation feeds to capture audio. You can preview a feed after it has been recorded using the internal player.

Key Features:

  • Capture AVI: This is this software’s main webcam, screen, and video emulation recording feature. It allows you to record only one kind of feed at a time. You can change video and audio parameters before starting the recording by using the Video and Audio tabs. It has options like Video Cropping, Video Compression, Filter Chain,
  • Enable/Disable Audio and Audio Input: You can start the webcam recording by going to the Capture tab after making the requisite adjustments to the audio and video parameters. You can save the video in AVI format once it is done.
  • Main Editor: Using this, we can preview and edit videos. With this editor, you can cut video segments, add filters to video, change color depth, compress video, adjust speed, and more.
  • Hex Editor: You can view, evaluate, and edit hexadecimal data with the Hex Editor.
  • Plugins Support: You can use this to add more features to this webcam software using plugins.

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With this, we sum up our list of the 7 best free open source webcam software for Windows. My favorite from the list is ScreenToGif, as it is pretty straightforward, and I can also use it to create GIFs. Based on your use cases, I suggest you check out all of these freeware webcam software and make the right decision.

Do let me know which one is your favorite from the list in the comments section. If I missed adding one of your favorite webcam software, write to me at [email protected], and I will add it to this list.